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Thank you for your interest in TryHackCIT!

All 1000 Vouchers have been taken


You can still participate!!!

You can join us on Twitch at (no account needed) on Monday, July 27, 2020 through Saturday, August 1, 2020.

The schedule is :

Instructional Lessons on Monday through Friday at 10 AM to 11:20 AM, EDT.

Interactive Sessions on Monday through Friday at 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM, EDT.

Brief Questions & Answers at 1:00 PM, EDT.

On Saturday there will be the CTF in

You can follow the Bootcamp in by creating your account. There is a free option that requires some setup on your part, or you can use their virtual system for a small fee.

We will share the details on what to do each day in our broadcast on Twitch.

Support and questions will be managed via Discord. Set up an account now so you are ready.

See you then!

TryHackCIT team


Day 1: Welcome, Researching, Google Dorking

Day 2: Linux Basics

Day 3: Python Scripting

Day 4: Networking

Day 5: Web Fundamentals

Day 6: Capture the Flag & Closing

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*Disclaimer: This data continues to change

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